ZooCube Game Review

Acclaim and Puzzle king have teamed up to create ZooCube. A game that takes the simply elements of puzzle and makes it into an addicting and fun game to play. ZooCube many have not impressed you from its screenshots but this is actually a decent game. In the past, I did not really enjoy puzzle games and I though that I would not enjoy ZooCube but that has changed.

In the game, there is a planet in chaos. A dark genius gone mad. And you are our brightest hope. It was many years ago that Dr. Buc Ooze first came to the world’s attention. His research into animals had gone to far, transforming creatures into unnatural shapes. Work begins to create the ZooCube, a machine designed to reverse Ooze’s process by using pairs of animals to neutralize the shaping effect. However, Ooze was captured shortly after construction began of the ZooCubes, and carrier ships, the Ark, so the program was put on hold. It has been thirteen years from the day since Ooze capture, and once more were receiving reports of animals locked into unnatural shapes. It can mean only that Dr. Ooze has escaped.

Wow, not a bad story for a puzzle game. There are a few modes to choose from such as Classic, Knockout and Blind. In ZooCube, you basically control a cube and unnatural animal shapes come towards your cube. As these get closer to your cube, they will eventually lock onto it. Your goal is to complete the stages without having too many animals locked down on your cube. In order avoid this, you must match animals together such as if I have a tiger locked on my cube, I can face that tiger towards another tiger that’s coming my way and then they will both disappear. The beginning stages are not as fun as later stages.

This simply concept makes the game addicting to play and is fun. This is not a game you can rush through. You may be stuck in a level or stage for some time before you have to skill to progress. Later on in the game you will have to think fast in order to progress, come to think of it this can probably be an educational game that actually has some FUN! This has defiantly helped think faster in my day, or at least it seems that way to me.

Back to the game, ZooCube features 12 game modes and 7 unique environments. ZooCube even has a multiplayer mode that you can play up to 4 people at the same time. The multiplayer mode is quite simple, whoever is the last one living wins, and eventually people will not have enough room on the cube or not enough skill and just end their battle. So we know that ZooCube has great gameplay for a game of its kind and a nice story to it.

ZooCube features a clip in the beginning and in the game a few clips every few levels. These clips are HIGHLY detailed and look beautiful. While playing the game the graphics, textures, backgrounds, everything looks great. Its great that Puzzle Kings and Acclaim also focused on all the other elements of the game and made it the best they can possibly make it. The menus are not they great looking but menus are nothing compared to other things in the game.

There is not much when it comes to controls. You only thing you control in ZooCube is a cube. But it’s actually a difficult task. Whenever you press on a certain direction it seems go the opposite way, it kind of depends what’s side of the cube you are looking at. It’s hard to explain but after awhile you get a hang of it. Without this type of control ZooCube would be alot easier to master. Don’t expect ZooCube to take full advantage of all the buttons on your controller.

Overall if your looking for a puzzle game or a game that will entertain you for hours ZooCube is the defiantly the game you want. With amazing gameplay, beautiful graphics and 2 game modes and 7 unique environments I have a feeling this game is better than the other recently released puzzle game: Tetris, which we should have a copy of soon. If your not sure this is worth a rental and I’m sure you will be interested in buying it.